Sabhriti : Cloud based managed services for measuring well-being at work.
It provides complete platform with industry standards to visualize and analyze the dynamic connections that exist between individuals, organizations, workplaces and communities and their impact on well-being.

Industry standard survey management platform for measuring worker well-being.

Survey Management

Based on the piller of WEST Principles i.e. Establish, Mobilize & Create ( WEST-Strategic-Plan.pdf)

Adherence with frameworks of Sustainable & Societal well-being.

We are a managed version of an open-sourced Sabhriti application platform for measuring well-being at work. Established in the year 2022, we believe the businesses do not need to go through big hassle to understand the state of the wellbeing and human health of their workers.
We assist businesses conducting researchers with the solution for data collection across supply chain factories, corporate board rooms, manufacturing facilities, community organizations, schools, and aboard planes. Apart from that we also provide solutions to analyze this data and generate results in order to foster understanding and innovation.

Community Edition

Small number of surveys in limited number of production houses for free of charge. Great to famalirize with the platform. Easily upgradable to professional or enterprise edition.

Professional Edition

Best suited for small and medium suized enterprises to design, conduct & analyze surveys. Flexible number of surveys in mnultiple number of production houses.

Enterprise Edition

Cloud based and Best suited for large corporations. Solutions range from fully managed service, from designing surveys to conducting them as well as analysing them and generatin reports and research outcomes. Also solutions ranging from cloud, on-prem or hybrid including seamless integration with already existing enterprice systems and platforms.

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